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Tomorrow & Other Updates

Meet Wyden & Blumenauer Staff

Tomorrow Is Indivisible Tuesday

The first Tuesday of the month is tomorrow, September 7, which means it's time for the monthly meeting with Senator Wyden and Representative Blumenauer’s staff. This will be an opportunity to advocate for the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, important legislation that protects voting rights of people across the country. But there will be opposition from Senate Republicans, and the filibuster will most certainly be repealed or reformed. So make your voice heard! Register here. Announcements and discussion begin at 11:30am; the meeting with staffers begins at 12:00pm noon.

Portland Charter Review Process Update

The 2021-2022 charter review process has one of the most ambitious scopes in Portland’s history of charter review. Consequently, the Charter Review Commission decided to take a two-phase approach. Phase I is currently underway. Commissioners are focusing on the form of government and City Council elections. Phase II begins in early 2022 and will focus on priority issues to be determined, but may include government transparency, expanding democracy, and other critical issues. The Commission’s recommendations are expected to be presented to the public in June 2022 and may be referred to the ballot as early as November 2022. Before then, there will be plenty of opportunity for public engagement and comment. To read more, go here.

A4D Joins Two New COIN Initiatives

In Portland WE CARE. In response to the alarming surge of COVID cases in Oregon, A4D in collaboration with COIN is organizing the In Portland WE CARE campaign. Melinda Fleming is our coordinator. In Portland WE CARE by wearing masks and getting vaccinated. We also care about the health of our doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals who work so hard to keep people alive. To show that In Portland WE CARE, we will make deliveries of drinks, snacks, cards, and messages of support to Portland hospitals. And we need your help.

  • Are you willing to join this effort? If so, please fill out the volunteer sign-up form here.

  • Do you know any businesses that would be willing to donate individually wrapped snacks or drinks or small items of encouragement? Please enter the information here.

Our health care professionals are under great stress. Let’s show them that In Portland, WE CARE!


COIN Squads. Do you call your members of Congress? Do you write letters and postcards? If so, thank you! Your efforts make a huge difference. You can make an even bigger difference by recording your actions here. By recording our actions, COIN can form an accurate idea of how effective the Indivisible network is in Oregon. This information can then be used in a number of ways, not the least of which is letting our elected officials know how much raw activism power we have!

We are also organizing COIN Squads to provide a way for Indivisibles to inspire one another to engage in activism. You can learn more here.

Look out for a weekly reminder to record your work. Let’s do this together!

Happy Labor Day!

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