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Immigration Action Team


Legislative Update:


It’s time for a final push for the bills we support:




  • HB 3265A, the Sanctuary Promise Act

  • HB 3220, the Universal Legal Representation bill

  • HB 2819, Leave No Worker Behind, expanding the application of the earned income tax credit statute


You can find sample language supporting these bills here:

6/5/21  Here is a well-written article about the farm workers and how they are treated.
Current Oregon Legislative Bills
Immigration bill HB 3230 directs the Department of Administrative Services to contract with a non-profit to award grants that will assist immigrants to favorably resolve their immigration problems so that they may continue to work and live safely in Oregon
SB 389 is a companion bill to HB3230. It actually funds the legal services agencies that are chosen to provide the immigration services discussed in HB 3230 .
Border Update

Despite Title 42 (CDC Covid-related restrictions causing rapid deportation of the newly-arrived), the US southern border continues to be open for certain groups including the following:  


  • over 10,000 trucks (with vegetables and hard goods) that drive into the U.S. from Mexico each day,


  • thousands of people who commute to and from Mexico each day for work, education and health care,


  • unaccompanied minors, and


  • a few asylum-seekers approved for hearings in the US but forced to wait in Mexico now allowed entry. 


Read more here.

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