Legislative Action Team

Lead:   Mary Chaffin

Call to Action


The Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network (COIN) has made recommendations on 38 bills now before the Oregon legislature. Last week COIN sent out emails to House and Senate leadership and every member of both the House and the Senate about their recommendations, encouraging legislators to consider them when they vote. This document listing the 38 bills was included in the email.


To amplify COIN’s effort, we ask that you reach out to your representative and senator and remind them of the email and COIN’s recommendations. Below is a sample text you can use:


Dear [name of Senator or Representative],

I am your constituent in [insert your district]. You recently received an email from the Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network (COIN) with recommendations on 38 bills currently before the legislature.


I strongly urge you to consider COIN’s recommendations as you cast your vote in the days and weeks ahead.


Thank you.

 [your signature here]


You can find your legislators' contact info here.

For Your Reference

Talking points for selected bills


Suggested text in support of SJR4:

I am writing in support of SJR4. Oregon is one of only five states to require more than a simple majority for a quorum. The recent excessive use of this tactic by the GOP is inherently anti-democratic, disrespects the will of the majority of Oregon voters, and must stop.


Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS)


Find your legislator link

Recent Testimony 


Go here for testimony on campaign finance reform by William Vollmer in support for campaign contribution limits and HB3343, and by David Delk, member and representative of Alliance for Democracy, and Debrah Wong, in support of HB3343.

Go here for testimony on climate, energy, and the environment by Jane Stackhouse on House Bill 2021-1,-3,-4, and HB3180, and by Mary Chaffin on HB 2021.

Mary Chaffin testified recently on behalf of HB 2510, which would require gun owners to store their firearms securely.  Click here.

Debi Ferrer testified recently on behalf of SJR4, which would change the quorum rules for the Legislature.  Click here.

Debi Ferrer testified recently in support of SB261, SB262, and SJR3, which also relate to the problem of certain legislators walking out of sessions.  Click here.

Mary Chaffin testified recently on SJR4, SB261, SB262, and SJR3.  Click here.

Mary Chaffin testified here on behalf of HB 2021, the “100% Clean Energy Bill for All, to the House Energy and Environment Committee for their hearing on the bill that occurred on 3/22/21.