Federal Action Team

Here are five recommended actions for members to do in the week of April 5-11 as part of Indivisible's THRIVE AGENDA: 
  1. Last chance to attend a Recovery Recess event!  It’s the second week of spring recess, so make your voice heard this week before your reps head back to D.C.! We need a bold recovery package that delivers real climate solutions, and advances racial, Indigenous, gender, and economic justice. Along with the THRIVE Resolution, we’re applying pressure on MoCs to pass critical democracy reforms, like the For the People Act and D.C. statehood without letting the filibuster get in the way. 

  2. Ask your representative to co-sponsor the THRIVE Agenda. With the climate crisis continuing to intensify, the economy entering a deep recession, and the need for racial justice and healing being felt as acutely as ever, the case for a Green New Deal-style policymaking is stronger than ever before.

  3. Watch and share our latest video on why relying on the budget reconciliation process in the Senate is unsustainable. Budget reconciliation can be a confusing process, so our latest video explains what reconciliation is, and how the only path forward is to eliminate the filibuster once and for all. 

  4. Get a jump start on next week and make a call to support D.C. statehood. Next week is a HUGE week for D.C. statehood! With a bill mark-up, Emancipation Day, and more, we have to make the most of these moments to support this crucial part of democracy reform.

  5. Take action for democracy reform with the For the People Project. Check out our For the People Project page to learn more about our plans and find ways to take action.