Climate/Energy/Environment Action Team

Record Low Steelhead Returns on the Columbia River


9/11/21  In late August there was a startling news headline from OPB: ”Record Low Steelhead Returns on the Columbia River Prompts Call for Fish Shutdown.”  A working group in A4D’s Climate, Energy and Environment group has taken this on.  For more on this important issue and calls to action, go here.

6/8/21  The A4D Steering Committee has endorsed the breaching of the Lower Snake River Dams, following it's endorsement by the Climate, Energy and Environment Action Team.  

Endorsed  That the four Lower Snake River Dams be breached, urgently, to save the wild salmon that are on the verge of extinction. 

The position paper explains the perilous situation of the fish and how the free flowing  “ Snake River provides the greatest potential for wild fish recovery of any watershed in the Columbia River Basin.” (Trout Unlimited)  The controversial dams are used primarily for surplus power and their need is being supplanted by cheaper alternative energy.  Breaching removes the earthen portion of the dams and is relatively simple and  inexpensive according to expert Jim Waddell (retired, Army Corps of Engineers).  Stakeholders in the region should be included in mitigation planning and funding, but not before the dams are breached.  We acknowledge the importance of Idaho Rep. Simpson introducing  a“concept,” but would not go on record as supporting or rejecting it.   We believe having a position on the dams allows our organization to begin the process of taking actions to save the fish as well as staying open to alliances with Columbia River tribes, fishing and environmental organizations as actions develop.

The background paper is here.


5/30/21  At the regular A4D member meeting on May 25, we were excited to have two speakers discussing environment and climate initiatives in Oregon government and the legislature, Nora Apter of the Oregon Environmental Council, and Julia DeGraw, of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.  


Advocating Bills


5/22/21  We encourage advocates to use these short summaries as the basis for contacting their legislators to urge their votes for these climate-related bills:


100% Clean Energy for All, HB 2021-23

  • Ensures new jobs in clean energy - jobs that are well-paid and include benefits.

  • Encourages community-based projects that increase energy independence and affordability.

  • Improves disaster resilience across the state.


Healthy Homes, HB 2842

  • Provides assistance to low-income households, landlords and communities to help make homes healthier and less expensive to heat and cool.


The Recycling Modernization Act, SB582A

  • Increases transparency and accountability by making producers formally responsible for what happens to waste

  • Helps prevent plastic pollution in oceans and rivers

  • promotes equity by paying workers a living wage
    ensures everyone across the state can recycle easily and conveniently

Policy Positions


Go here to review the Climate/Energy/Environment team's policy positions for bills currently before the Oregon legislature.