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The Run-Up to Election Day!

Don’t Delay! Take Your Ballot to an Official Drop Box

The deadline for mailing your ballot has passed, and the sooner we all vote the better. So take your ballot to an official drop box ASAP. For a list of all drop box sites in Multnomah County and statewide, including public libraries, visit this site.

Get Out the Vote Phone Bank! Phone Bank! Phone Bank!

If you have any spare time during this week leading up to Election Day, consider joining a phone bank. The polls are tightening in several key states, including Florida and Georgia, and we all need to do whatever we can to influence the outcome. Now is the time for one last sustained push! OSTPDX activists highly recommend the following phone bank opportunities: To join a phone bank in Florida, go to this website. To call Georgia this Wednesday from noon to 2:00pm, register here. If you have time on the weekend, check out Indivisible Oregon’s The Last Weekend page for more options. And for more resources and opportunities to phone bank, visit Swing Left’s phone banking hub.

Prepare for Election Day and Beyond Getting through Post-Election Events

It’s hard to predict what is going to happen in the next few weeks, but being prepared will help us navigate any unforeseen events. Here are a few ways to manage these uncertain times:

  • Americans of Conscience Checklist has just published an inspiring guide for the next three months.

  • A New Yorker article addresses what to do if Trump stages a coup, based on the work George Lakey is doing with Choose Democracy.

  • And here in Portland, save the date for the afternoon of November 4,when a large demonstration is being planned to celebrate a Biden/Harris victory if one is imminent or to protest if Trump tries to steal the election. Details to follow later this week. 

Until then, phone bank for all your worth!

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