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Keep Up the Momentum!

Make a Statement When You Vote Join the March2Vote, Friday, October 23

Support the black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) community when you cast your ballot this Friday, October 23. Bring your completed ballot to Wallace Park at 2:00pm and march with others to a ballot drop off location! March2Vote is organized by the JUICE (Justice, Unity, Integrity, Community, Equality) Collective. In the words of John Lewis, ”The vote is precious. It is almost sacred. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society and we’ve got to use it.”

Vote-by-Mail Deadlines Don’t Delay!

Multnomah County Democrats advises voters who will be mailing their ballots to do so no later than Saturday, October 24. Your vote is too important to risk waiting two days more as suggested by the Secretary of State. After Saturday, voters can secure their ballots by placing them in one of the many official drop box locations around the state. For a list of all drop box sites in Multnomah County and statewide, including public libraries, visit this site.

Get Out the Vote Keep Up the Momentum!

In the run-up to election day, there’s plenty of work to be done to get out the vote! Phone banks are happening nonstop: Go here to join a phone bank in Florida. To make calls to Georgia on Wednesday, here’s your link. Or check out Indivisible Oregon’s The Last Weekends for a full array of events.

Inspired and Invigorated by Senator Merkley Notes from the COIN Call

Statewide Indivisible groups hosted Senator Jeff Merkley Thursday evening, He shared his observations about what’s going on in Washington and made these key points:

  • Indivisibles are doing real work that makes all the difference. It is the essence of democracy. 

  • Oregon sent ten percent of all letters in the Big Send.

  • Every republic struggles with the problems like those we are facing: a group of well-to-do people who want to run country for themselves, a 2 trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy, and an attempt to dismantle our health care system. 

  • Winning the House, Senate, and White House in two weeks gets us to first base. Then we have unrig Senate and take on gerrymandering, voter suppression, and dark money in our politics to get to second base. Third base addresses health care, LGBTQ rights, the climate chaos, and immigration. We will only be able to deal with these issues if we get to first base on November 3rd!

  • Senator Shemia Fagan is in a tough race for Secretary of State. If her opponent Kim Thatcher wins, she can gerrymander the state and be next in line for governor. 

  • Representative Peter DeFazio, a champion for working people, is also in a tough race. We have to make sure he wins and retains his powerful position as Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

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