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Meeting Tomorrow. Register Now!

Join Us Tomorrow Advocating for a Future without Homelessness

Please join us tomorrow, Tuesday, June 27, at 5:00pm for a Zoom presentation by Cole Merkel from HereTogether Oregon. Cole will talk about HereTogether’s work, the current state of homelessness in and around Portland, and how we can make a difference. HereTogether Oregon is a coalition of over 250 partners advocating for the implementation of a region-wide, ten-year, $2.5 billion Supportive Housing Services (SHS) measure, like the one they developed and championed in 2020. HereTogether works to alleviate the root causes of homelessness in pursuit of a Portland region in which everyone has a safe place to sleep. Please use this link to register prior to the meeting so that you receive the link which you will need to attend. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Melinda Fleming Act for Democracy

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