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Welcome Change!

COVID Relief

Do You Have a Story to Share?

Senator Wyden is working hard to secure COVID relief for Americans. He is especially concerned about those facing the December 26th unemployment cut-off. Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell is damming the works in order to protect the business interests who back him.

If you or someone you know is facing this looming hardship, is willing to talk about it, and is comfortable citing McConnell’s obstruction, please email Wyden’s constituent liaison Grace Stratton at:

For guidance about submitting a personal story, visit Indivisible’s information page.

Governor Brown Calls Special Session

$800 Million for Oregonians

Governor Kate Brown is convening a special session of the Oregon legislature on Monday, December 21. Given the pressing needs of Oregonians during the ongoing pandemic, compounded by this year’s devastating wildfires, she is proposing an aid package of $800 million.

Included in the Governor’s budget priorities is aid for tenants and landlords, funding for vaccine distribution and contact tracing, wildfire prevention and community preparedness, and support for reopening schools.

You can read more here.

Changes Afoot

OSTPDX Looks to the Future

As we embark on a New Year with a Democratic administration at the helm of our country, OST faces the future with optimism, energy, and renewed commitment to the work of engaged democracy.

While our leadership team has lost two vibrant, multi-talented members with the resignation of Lynn Youngbar and Jacque Abelthank you both for your enormous contribution to making OST a robust and effective player in the political life of Oregon—we are delighted to welcome Bill Vollmer and Michael Heumann to the team. Though it’s hard to imagine that anyone could replace Lynn and Jacque, we’re confident Bill and Michael are up to the task.

We’re also delighted to let you know that OST has entered in discussion with Indivisible97201, a group that originated on the West side as its name indicates, to join together to create an even greater force for progressive activism in our region. As the details congeal, we will keep you informed of the many benefits we can all look forward to. Stay tuned!

Activist Reading Group January Meeting

The next meeting of the OST Activist Reading Group will be held on Thursday, January 14, from 7:00-8:30pm. The group will be discussing Isabel Wilkerson’s book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents. Wilkerson recasts race as the American version of the caste system of India.

If you would like to join the group, contact Ken Rosenberg at

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