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Our Future Act for Democracy

While on hiatus, the Act for Democracy steering committee has been considering how we should move forward. To this end, we need your help. Over the past year, the number of active participants at our events has dwindled significantly. Naturally, we’d like to know why. So, we’re asking that you please do two things today:

  1. Complete our membership survey at this link. It will only take five minutes of your time and will help us assess what’s important to you right now, and how you’d like us to move forward.

  2. Consider joining our leadership team and helping with your choice of regular tasks. You can do this specifically by completing the survey’s second-to-last question. This is an opportunity to step up and work with a great group of people who are working together to make a difference. Please consider joining A4D in a more active role. A volunteer organization is only as strong as its members.

Thank you! First Indivisible Tuesday with Senator Merkley’s Staff Tomorrow The first Indivisible Tuesday of the year with Senator Merkley's staff takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, February 21, from 11:30am to 12:30pm in the courtyard outside their office located in the World Trade Center Building, 121 SW Salmon Street, near Tom McCall Waterfront Park. As usual, the Senator's staff will come outside at noon for a discussion of pressing topics. This week’s main message will be about concerns with partisanship in the Judiciary, which the GOP is weaponizing by shopping for judges to rule in their favor on issues that the majority of Americans don't agree with! Come with your questions and comments, and register here. Sign Waving at Representative Lori Chavez-DeRemer’s Office The DeRemer Accountability Team (DRAT) has held its first meeting to discuss ways to hold Representative Lori Chavez-DeRemer accountable for her MAGA positions and votes. She seeks to hide them from her constituents as she tries to paint herself as a reasonable conservative instead of the extremist that she is. DRAT’’s first activity will be a sign-waving event at Representative Chavez-DeRemer's office (formerly Kurt Schrader’s office) at 621 High Street in Oregon City on February 28 at 2:00pm. For more information, email To join the DRAT team, go here. Hope to see many of you there! COIN’s Legislative Team Tools You Can Use

In 2019, One Small Thing launched a Legislative Task Force, which has now been completely absorbed into COIN. Recently, the team introduced a wonderful new resource for tracking and making recommendations on bills under consideration in the legislature. Check it out here where you will find reams of information about bills, what messages to send to your legislators, and how to submit testimony to legislative committees. Take a look and if you are inspired, please join the COIN Legislative Team and help the effort!

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