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We Meet Tomorrow!

We Meet Tomorrow!

Learn About Climate Legislation

Our May monthly meeting is tomorrow, May 25, at 5:00pm. If you haven’t registered, do so now. You won’t want to miss our two guest speakers who will give us the inside scoop on current climate legislation in Oregon. Julia DeGraw is the Coalition Director of Oregon League of Conservation Voters. She will share her knowledge about environmental bills currently working their way through the state legislature. Nora Apter is the Climate Program Director at the Oregon Environmental Council and a key strategic leader of the Oregon Climate Action Plan Coalition. To prepare for the discussion, you may want to review the following documents:

  • A4D’s Climate, Energy, Environment Action Team recommendations

  • Priority bills according to the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity Campaign

  • Governor's Executive Order 20-04

  • Renew Oregon’s Climate Action Plan Progress Report

Register now to receive details for joining the Zoom meeting. If you have a question for our speakers, submit it to or during the meeting via chat. The meeting agenda is here. See you tomorrow! And don’t forget to register!

What’s Happening in the Oregon Legislature Update from A4D’s Legislative Action Team

The work continues in Salem, and your help is urgently needed to pass important legislation. Campaign Finance Reform The House Rules Committee has decided to focus on HB-2680, instead of the bill we (A4D + COIN) support, HB-3343, even though HB-2680 has major flaws. It is crucial that we let our legislators know about this problem. The first working session for HB-2680 is this Friday, May 28, which means the time to act is now! Please reach out to your legislators and any sponsors or members of the Rules Committee you know personally, especially Representative Reynolds and Senator Dembrow who are sponsors of the bill and Representative Smith Warner who is the Chair of the Rules Committee. Also, please note that at this stage of the process, you may contact committee chairs and legislative leadership about bills, even if they don’t represent you. Feel free to draw on letters written by Bill Vollmer and on these additional resources and talking points for HB 2680:

  • Legislative Team | Act for Democracy

  • List of HB-2680 sponsors

  • Members of the House Rules Committee

  • Oregon legislative leadership contact information

Voters spoke loud and clear last fall when they approved ballot measure 107 by a whopping 78 to 22 percent margin. Now we need to hold the Legislature accountable for enacting real campaign finance reform! Climate/Energy/EnvironmentBills HB-2021-23, the 100% Clean Energy for All bill; HB-2842, the Healthy Homes bill; and SB-582A, the Recycling Modernization Act need our help. Please write or call your legislators. You’ll find talking points here. Other Bills With a little more than a month to go before time is up, we’re pleased that five bills that A4D supports have passed and one we opposed has died. However, there are still many more bills that need our attention. Check out the Bill Status Spreadsheet, which the Legislative Action Team uses to track the status of bills they follow—here is a simplified version of the same information—to identify bills you care about and convince your legislators to do the right thing!

Make a Note in Your Calendar

Tell Pfizer: No to Fox News

Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company known for manufacturing a COVID-19 vaccine, is a leading advertiser on Fox News. Yet in the last year alone, Fox pushed over 13,551 pieces of COVID-19 misinformation, including anti-vaccine messages. As a vaccine leader and public health advocate, it’s beyond time we tell Pfizer to drop Fox News. TWEET LEAVE A COMMENT ON FACEBOOK EMAIL

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