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Take Action! Oust Representative Nearman · Lobby for Campaign Finance Reform

Republican State Representative Mike Nearman has been criminally charged with unlawfully and knowingly opening a door to violent rioters as they attacked the state Capitol and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. COIN (Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network) has joined the effort to expel Nearman from the legislature. Contact your Representative and make it clear that Representative Nearman is no longer fit to serve. For more details, visit this site. Oregon voters want Big Money out of politics, as the passage of Ballot Measure 107 in the 2020 election demonstrates. The House Rules Committee is currently considering two bills that address contribution limits, HB2680 and HB3343. COIN supports lower limits and a simpler implementation structure for HB3343 and has noted, along with other organizations, various loopholes in HB2680 that would allow donors to circumvent contribution limits. Contact your legislators now and let them know you want real reform enacted this session. According to an April 29 article in The Oregonian, big money donors are having an outsized influence on how these bills are being crafted.

Vote + Send Your Videos!

Be sure to vote and make a video of yourself doing so! Then send your video or photograph to the COIN social media team by May 13. Ariel Knox is putting together a new video to promote voting in the upcoming May 18 election, and she needs your inspired contributions, whether photographs or short video clips. Unleash your creativity! Include pets, kids, or even your favorite action hero. We want the whole country to know how fantastic Oregon’s Vote by Mail system is! Submit your photos and videos here.

Climate Justice and State Treasurer Read

A4D was a proud co-sponsor along with 350PDX of a statewide Q&A on climate justice with State Treasurer Tobias Read that took place on May 5. Treasurer Read was receptive to comments from stakeholders about the need to pressure corporations to become more sustainable and to end investments in corporations that aren’t making clear, verifiable progress towards environmental and human rights protections. Watch a recording of the event here. Treasurer Read will also be attending the next COIN meeting on May 18 at 7:00pm.

Ongoing Legislative Action

An updated list of the bills A4D’s Legislative Action Team and COIN recommends was sent to all state legislators. Check out the list here and remind your legislators to be sure to review it before they cast their ballots.

Upcoming Events

The A4D Activist Reading Group meets Thursday, May 13, from 7:00-8:30pm. The group will discuss George Lakoff’s The ALL NEW Don't Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate. To join the meeting, use this Zoom link. For more information, contact Ken Rosenberg at Mark your calendars! The next A4D monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 25 from 5:00- 6:30pm. The focus will be on critical climate legislation. More information will be coming soon. Use this link to register.

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