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Time to Get Active

March Meeting Synopsis If you missed last week’s A4D meeting with State Representative Lisa Reynolds, who presented an overview of the 2022 legislative session, not to worry. You can read notes from the meeting here or watch the video recordingonce you enter the passcode *9^8v1e&. Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s Campaign Things are heating up at the Jamie McLeod-Skinner campaign, which means there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get involved:

  • Join a virtual phone bank for Jamie with the Working Families Party Saturday, April 2, by using this link or canvass for Jamie by signing up here. People need to know about Jamie and to learn that they have a better choice than Kurt Schrader to represent them in Congress.

  • Attend a weekly rally on Fridays during the month of April beginning April 8 at 5:00pm at the corner of Oak Grove and McLaughlin Boulevards in Milwaukie, next to the Fred Meyer. Signs will be available or bring your own. Even if you don’t live in District 5, showing up to show your support will be appreciated!

  • And if you’re not sure why it’s so important that Jamie wins the May primary, read this illuminating article in The Intercept.

We Care Update As the US braces for the arrival of Ukrainian refugees, we continue to support the Afghan families in our midst. Indeed, the best way to prepare for the arrival of Ukrainian refugees is to continue taking care of Afghan refugees now. The more settled they are, the better we will be able to assist new arrivals. To sign up to welcome both Afghan and Ukrainian refugees to the US, go hereand to fund needed supplies either donate via the Lutheran Community Services Northwest website or visit the wish list on Amazon. Portland Charter Commission Update The Portland Charter Commission has issued a third report, which you can read here. This Thursday, March 31, beginning at 6:00pm you will be able to submit verbal testimony and provide feedback when you sign up here. You can also submit written testimony by following this link. To learn more, visit the Charter Commission’s webpage. COIN Squad To-Do List

  • Join a phone bank for Jamie McLeod Skinner

  • Call your member of Congress per Indivisible Oregon’s recommended Daily Actions

  • Select an action from PDX Persist Action Center

  • Start a COIN Squad of your own

  • Record your actions here if you’re are not already part of a squad

Upcoming Events of Interest Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29, at 7:00pm COIN is holding a candidates forum for both candidates running in the Democratic primary in District 5. However, only Jamie McLeod Skinner will be in attendance as Representative Schrader’s staff were unable to provide a date that suits the Congressman’s schedule. Register in advance here. A COIN non-affiliated voter outreach training will take place this Thursday, March 31, from 6:30-8:00pm. To attend use this link. Following the training, this Saturday, April 2, you can join a statewide canvassing effort here or a statewide phone bank here. The next COINversation with a gubernatorial candidate takes place Monday, April 11, at 7:00pm. State Treasurer Tobias Read will be the guest. To register and submit your questions for Treasurer Read, follow this link.

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