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Timber Unity Exposed!

Don’t Be Fooled Taking on Timber Unity’s Deceptive Influence

Do you remember the spectacle of log trucks noisily circling the State Capitol building, disrupting the Legislature and encouraging five GOP walkouts that killed climate legislation and so much more? That was all thanks to Timber Unity, an astroturf organization. Astroturf organizations are ones that give the appearance of being grassroots, citizen-led groups and coalitions but in reality are conceived, created, and/or funded by corporations, trade associations, political interests, or public relations firms. Timber Unity is a perfect example. Timber Unity is composed of a PAC, a Facebook page, and two corporations, all of which are dominated by anti-environmentalist industry and right-wing interests. Actively supporting Republican candidates in races across the state, it is endangering the Democratic majority needed to push progressive policies forward. Key seats are at risk! OSTPDX and other Indivisible groups have taken the lead in supporting Democratic candidates threatened by Timber Unity by hosting fundraisers and virtual candidate meetings and by writing postcards and phone banking. The Oregon Democracy Project, created by Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network (COIN), is actively opposing Timber Unity by countering Timber Unity’s disinformation with facts. Here’s how you can help:

  • Inform yourself by checking out the fact sheets prepared by Oregon Democracy Project

  • Visit the Oregon Democracy Project’s Facebook page and like, share, and comment on posts

  • Support the candidates who have been targeted by Timber Unity

  • Spread the word about the grave threat to democracy posed by Timber Unity

We all need to do our part to stop Timber Unity!

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