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September 30, 2019 Newsletter

Dear OSTPDX Members,

The past week has been wild! We’ve finally reached the point of an Impeachment Inquiry and now Donald Trump is threatening the country with civil war if he’s impeached as well as calling for Adam Schiff to be charged with Treason! The impeachment process is how we hold Donald Trump accountable while upholding the integrity of The Constitution. Let’s continue to put pressure on members of Congress to make the impeachment process public and as expeditiously as possible while ensuring Trump’s crimes are exposed so that we can continue discussing critical progressive policies.

As we’ve already witnessed, the impeachment process has been very rapidly changing so if you’d like to stay abreast of impeachment-related actions and events, Indivisible has created a website where you may search for events happening in your area.

While our Representatives here in the Portland Metro Area have come out in support of the Impeachment Inquiry, our friends over in ORD2 and WA3 are still dealing with Trump sycophants. DemCast has recently written about how to get these Republican Representatives on the record excusing Trump’s crimes. Please share!


Changing the Course of History

Effective Grassroots Engagement

In the 2020 Elections

OSTPDX invites you to participate in the Oct 29, 2019 fall kickoff meeting. We are delighted to host Erica Goldman, Regional Organizing Coordinator for Swing Left. She will present Swing Left’s outcomes-based strategy to win key elections in the eleven “super states” – the states that can help the Democrats retake the White House, flip the Senate and turn state legislatures blue.

You will learn how you can take action to engage with voters in the super states by writing letters, participating in fundraising or on canvassing. The night of the meeting we will participate in a letter writing campaign to help get out the vote for an upcoming key election in Virginia. Let’s help turn the Virginia General Assembly blue and end anti-democratic gerrymandering. RSVP here, we need to know the number of attendees to have sufficient materials for our action item.

Place: Subud Center 3185 NE Regents Dr Portland Oregon

Time: Program starts promptly at 7:00 PM doors open at 6:30

OST-PDX Activist Reading Group

The next meeting of the OST-PDX Activist Reading Group is tonight, September 30, 7:00-8:30 pm at the home of Patty and Richie: 2335 NE 24 Ave, Portland.

We’re thinking of trying something different: discussing an article rather than a whole book. The article is “The Democratic Party Is Actually Three Parties” by Thomas Edsall, NY Times, July 24, 2019.

I expect that the theme will be how to defeat Trump and win back Congress in 2020 – while advancing a progressive agenda.

Actions & Events

Actions by Indivisible Oregon

Our Tuesday ask: Thank you to our Democratic Members of Congress for their leadership and support for impeachment hearings. We ask them to keep using their voice to keep the process going. The action will be posted on Tuesday October 1st at 6:00 AM. The link is

Oregon Needs Climate Action NOW!

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson sold us out, siding with Boeing's corporate interests instead of her constituents. She said she would vote yes on the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB 2020), but, after being approached by lobbyists from Boeing, Sen. Monnes Anderson suddenly changed her mind. HB 2020 would have benefited Oregonians in so many ways, helping us reduce our carbon emissions, transition to renewable energy, and create thousands of green jobs.

Sen. Monnes Anderson should be standing up for our interests, not Boeing's. Help us hold her accountable.

Other Events:

Find a Town Hall near you with The Town Hall Project.

Behind the Bullet Film Screening by The Soul Box Project: Oct. 4th from 6-8

Multnomah County 100% Renewable Briefing: October 15th from 10:30-Noon

Interrupting hate in public spaces: October 16th from 6:30-9pm

Rally for Medicare for All: October 18th from 4-5:30 pm


Check out DemCast! It’s grassroots media by the people, for the people. Read why DemCast is so desperately needed. If you’re on Facebook, Demcast Oregon is now up and running.

Visit our website – – like our Facebook page -- -- follow our Twitter account -- @onepdx.


Sara McKinney

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