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September 16, 2019 Newsletter

Dear OSTPDX Members,

Oregon hasn't passed major climate legislation in years meanwhile the climate crisis is growing worse. Because we've lost another crucial year by delaying action, our solutions must be more ambitious than ever. Scientists say we only have 10 years left to protect the future for our kids and grandkids.

Renew Oregon and The Oregon League of Conservation Voters is disseminating an easy online template to write Legislators, who are back in Salem today but only for three days, demanding they take action on climate change. Governor Kate Brown made promises to take action after the failure to move the Clean Energy Jobs Bill forward but is now possibly moving towards an entirely different bill. Let’s remind our State Representatives and Governor Kate Brown that now is the time to begin transitioning Oregon to clean energy! Write them today to tell them you support cap-and-invest and that this must be the #1 priority from now until it passes.

Also, beginning September 20th, millions of people will be joining young climate strikers to kick off a week of massive Global Climate Strikes who are calling on everyone to join them in their efforts to make immediate and sweeping changes to end the era of fossil fuels. Portland youth from youth organizations, middle and high schools will be rallying outside of City Hall this Friday at 10:30 a.m. to demand an end to fossil fuels in Oregon and an Oregon Green New Deal. Come out and show your support!


Place: Subud Center, 3185 NE Regents Drive, Portland, Or

Time: Program starts promptly at 7:00; doors open at 6:30 for check in

RSVP: through the registration link below, to ensure your spot and so we can plan for the amount of materials for the “Take action” portion of the meeting.

How We Win-Using grassroots power to transform our government in 2020

Please join us to discuss Swing Left’s grassroots strategy for taking back our government in 2020, including the White House, the Senate and the State Houses key to rolling back Republican gerrymandering. Erica Goldman, Regional Organizing Coordinator with Swing Left, will share tools for local volunteers to engage voters and raise funds in the "Super States," where the key fights of 2020 will be won or lost.

Erica Goldman became involved in grassroots political advocacy 6 years ago through Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in Oregon. After Trump was elected, Erica dialed-up her political engagement by founding and leading Indivisible Oregon. She’s currently Swing Left’s Regional Organizing Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest, where she serves as a resource for volunteers and local groups in OR, WA, ID, AK and HI.

OST-PDX Activist Reading Group

The next meeting of the OST-PDX Activist Reading Group will be on Monday, September 30, 7:00-8:30 pm at the home of Patty and Richie: 2335 NE 24 Ave, Portland.

We’re thinking of trying something different: discussing an article rather than a whole book. The article is “The Democratic Party Is Actually Three Parties” by Thomas Edsall, NY Times, July 24, 2019.

I expect that the theme will be how to defeat Trump and win back Congress in 2020 – while advancing a progressive agenda.

Actions & Events

Celebrate National Constitution & Citizenship Day at our ‘Choose Your Party’ Party on Tuesday 9/17 from 6-8pm! Everyone's welcome, regardless of party affiliation or voter status. Enjoy refreshments, meet friendly people, register to vote (or update your registration), and learn how YOU can spread the word about primary voting to your friends and neighbors.

The purpose of this event is to spread the word that Oregon voters must be registered members of a political party to be able to vote in the party's primary election in May 2020.

Brought to you by Feed Our Democracy, The Riveter, Democracy Club and Mom 2.0.

Communities across Oregon are struggling with a housing crisis and the state needs to do more to help. The Oregon Center for Public Policy is releasing a report that makes the case that a statewide rent assistance program, similar to the federal Housing Choice Voucher program, is the right step to help our neighbors most at risk of homelessness and housing instability.

Laura Golino de Lovato, Executive Director at Northwest Pilot Project, and Kayla McMenamin, Research Associate at the Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE), will join us to share the successes Portland has had with a rent assistance program as well as the results of a recent analysis conducted by CORE on the program.

Please join us on September 26, 2019 1:00 PM Pacific Time for a webinar to learn more about our research and have a discussion about the concept and the local program. There will be ample time for your questions.

Other Events:

Find a Town Hall near you with The Town Hall Project.

September 20th Global Climate Strike: Sept. 20th from 10:30-5

We The People-Solidarity March PDX: Sept. 21st from 12-2:30

ICE Off Greyhound Buses!: Sept. 21st from 2-3:30

National Voter Registration Day Party! By the Bus Project at Patagonia on Tuesday, September 24th from 7-10

Dance Like a Mother 2019: Sept. 28th from 6:30-10


Check out DemCast! It’s grassroots media by the people, for the people. Read why DemCast is so desperately needed. If you’re on Facebook, Demcast Oregon is now up and running.

Visit our website – – like our Facebook page -- -- follow our Twitter account -- @onepdx.


Sara McKinney

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