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Senator Wyden in Person Tomorrow

Senator Wyden Joins Indivisible Tuesday In-Person Tomorrow Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4, Senator Wyden will be joining his staff for Indivisible Tuesday’s monthly meeting. And you’re invited to join the conversation. Organized by Indivisible Oregon, these monthly gatherings are an excellent opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns you may have about policies important to you. The group will convene at 11:30am in the plaza outside of the office building located at 911 NE 11th Avenue. At 12:00 noon, Senator Wyden, his staff members along with members of Representative Blumenauer's office will arrive. After a spokesperson delivers a group message, there will time for you and other constituents to ask questions and make comments. To join the in-person gathering, please register here. Tualatin Canvass for Andrea Salinas and Tina Kotek Hit the pavement for Andreas Salinas, Tina Kotek, and gun safety Measure 114 in Congressional District 6, which includes Tualatin and Tigard, Saturday, October 15, from 9:00am to noon. To participate and for more detail, go here. Betsy Johnson Is No Friend to Progressives Spread the Word! The governor’s race is now considered a toss-up according to the Cook Political Report, in no small part because of Betsy Johnson, who is siphoning off votes from both Democrat Tina Kotek and her anti-choice opponent Christine Drazan. Betsy Johnson is not the middle-of-the-road she claims to be. COIN did a comparison between Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson based on their voting records and corporate relationships. Review it here and find out what Betsy Johnson really stands for. And spread the word, which you can easily do with this email template, found here, prepared by A4D to alert friends, family, and colleagues about who Betsy really is. Please help get the word out about Betsy and help elect Tina in November by shining a light on the candidates' true values. Ballot Measure 26-228: Proposed New City Charter If voters approve the proposed new Portland City Charter in November, the city will be divided into four geographic districts, each represented by three City Council members. Each district will vote for their representatives only, with all candidates running for the three seats at once. The three candidates with the most votes in each district will constitute the new City Council. This will allow voters to elect candidates from their community and hold them accountable. It will also encourage cooperation, discourage negative campaigning, and ensure that most voters get at least one of their top choices elected. Once the measure is approved, an Independent Districting Commission will be created to prepare and adopt a plan for dividing Portland into the four geographic districts, each with roughly the same number of residents, a process which will be explained in a future newsletter. The proposed City Charter would also eliminate May primaries, which will help ensure that more voters participate in electing city officials. This video explains the proposed changes (the relevant section starts at 13:39, i.e.13 minutes and 39 seconds). More information can be found in this overviewprepared by the Portland Coalition of Communities of Color, in these explanations from Portland United for Change, and on the Charter Commission website. Write Postcards & Letters Join Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s postcard-writing team to make sure she’s elected to Congress. For all the information and material you need, please write to: Help is needed now with writing letters and postcards to Oregon voters. You can open an account on Vote Forward’s website and get going on your own. Or you can pick up letters and envelopes from Indivisible Oregon at Migration Brewery at 2828 NE Glisan on Saturdays. For more detail, follow this link.

Voting Is Our Superpower Rally

Representative Suzanne Bonamici, running for re-election in Congressional District 1, speaks at the Voting Is Our Superpower rally last Saturday while Representative Earl Blumenauer of District 3, Jaime McLeod-Skinner running for Congress in District 5, Andrea Salinas running in Congressional District 6, Labor Commissioner candidate Christina Stephenson, and A4D’s Jeff Kidder look on. Missing from the photo are Joe Yetter running for Congress in District 2 and Leah Greenberg, cofounder of the Indivisible Project.

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