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Senator Merkley, Senator Fagan, & More

Engage with Senator Merkley  Tuesday, October 20th

Mark your calendars! The Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network (COIN) will welcome Senator Jeff Merkley, the last of our special guests, to our next Zoom call on Tuesday, October 20, at 7:00pm. Join us to get last-minute information from Senator Merkley as we head into the final days of an election season seemingly without end. You will have the opportunity to pose questions directly to Senator Merkley. Send your questions for the senator to Here is the link to attend Tuesday evening’s meeting.   

Only Two More Wednesdays Left Georgia Phone Bank for Biden/Harris

Join the Georgia phone bank for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hosted by Indivisible Oregon and Swing Left. Receive training and be supported as you call voters in the critical state of Georgia. On Wednesdays from noon-2:00pm until the election. Register here!

The Secretary of State Race is Neck and Neck Support Shemia Fagan 

Of all years, this is one of the most important for Oregon to have a trustworthy Secretary of State. With new census information, it may fall to Secretary of State to decide how Oregon will be separated into voting districts. Every ten years following a census, we are vulnerable to gerrymandering. This year there may also be challenges to our vote-by-mail system as well as attacks on the future of the postal service.   In the upcoming election the choice for Secretary of State couldn’t be more clear-cut. The Democrat candidate, Senator Shemia Fagan, has received the endorsement of The Oregonian and Willamette Week and has the backing of labor and environmental groups. She believes in the Oregon system that empowers inclusive voting and supports a bi-partisan solution to establishing new voting districts if the legislature cannot reach agreement. Fagan’s opponent, Senator Kim Thatcher, is an ardent partisan and one of the Republican senators who walked out twice to kill the Clean Energy Jobs Bill. She announced her candidacy at a Timber Unity rally at the capitol, attended by log truck drivers as well as QAnon adherents and white nationalists. Timber Unity, a corporate- sponsored astroturf organization, supports her candidacy with funding. The Oregonian wrote, “Her part in (three) Senate walkouts in the past two years calls into question how she would use her authority when partisan interests are at risk.” Thatcher also underplays a 2010 court case involving her company disobeying orders to produce documents showing misuse of Oregon Department of Transportation funds. It’s alarming that these two candidates are neck and neck. Thatcher’s attack ads full of slanderous accusations and doctored images of Senator Fagan are taking their toll. The senator’s staff says, “If the election were today, it would be a toss-up. That’s why we’re working hard to keep our ads on the air.”   Senator Shemia Fagan needs our support. Please consider making a donation.

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