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Recover, Rest, or Fly to Georgia!

Act for Democracy is taking a well-earned break. It’s time to catch our communal breath and take stock of what we’ve achieved and where the future lies for our group. Even prior to the merger of our two Indivisible groups two years ago into Act for Democracy, a few people assumed leadership positions and have been the driving force behind our multiple efforts. Now it’s time for others to step up. Political activism is demanding, rewarding, and vital work that requires all of us to participate. We can’t rely on a few intrepid souls. So if any one of you who is reading this would like to step forward, now is the time. We need your energy! Please remember that there will be no December member meeting though the Steering Committee* will gather to assess A4D’s future. Your input is welcomed and encouraged, whether you want to join the leadership team or not. Please share your thoughts by sending an email to: The newsletter will also take a seasonal hiatus unless there is something pressing we want to make sure everyone is aware of. In other words, we reserve the privilege to reach out in December for a worthy cause:) *The Steering Committee is currently comprised of Mary Chaffin, Robert Ruimy, Melinda Fleming, Bill Vollmer, Michael Heumann, Dave Ripley, Barbara Jensen, Bobbie Isaacman, and Judy Buffo. Your newsletter editor is Carol Raphael.

Let’s Not Forget Georgia Your Expenses Paid to Knock on Doors

Have you wanted to visit Georgia and help democracy at the same time? Now’s your chance. Indivisible National is offering to pay your expenses to help with door-to-door canvassing in the peach state in support of Senator Raphael Warnock! When you arrive in Atlanta, someone from Indivisible will pick you up at the airport and take you to a hotel. All travel expenses, including up to $75/day for meals, will be provided by Indivisible in addition to training and materials. Experienced canvassers will be paired with less experienced canvassers, and you’ll join other Oregonians who’ve already signed up. To start the process, fill out this form to express your interest and someone will call or email you to discuss details. Happy travels!

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