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News & Actions for the Coming Week

Jamie McCloud Skinner For Secretary of State

In the wake of Shemia Fagan’s resignation as Oregon’s Secretary of State, A4D, COIN, and other Indivisible groups signed a letter to Governor Kotek requesting she appoint Jamie McCloud Skinner Secretary of State.

Jamie is an obvious choice to replace Shemia. Jamie ran for Secretary of State and is committed to ensuring the integrity of our election system and its audits. She would greatly aid efforts to re-establish trust in our elections.

Jamie is known for her integrity and could help return trust in government. In her political campaigns, she never took PAC money and relied on grassroots support from around the state instead.

We encourage you to write your own letter to Governor Kotek, asking her to appoint Jamie our next Secretary of State. Feel free to use this sample letter for inspiration.

Electrify Your Life One Step at a Time

ElectrifyNow and ElectrifyPDX gave an inspiring presentation on the benefits of home electrification at A4D’s April event. If you’d like to begin your own electrification journey or simply want to learn more, visit and sign up for their newsletter. You can also request a yard sign with badges to let your neighbors know that you're making the switch to clean energy.

The MAGA Default Crisis

MAGA Republicans are holding our jobs and economy hostage for their political gain, knowing that passing a debt limit increase would be good for the economy. Their demands will compromise the safety and security of all Americans.

A staggering $7.8 trillion of debt that was incurred by the Trump administration must be repaid. Republicans are now threatening to default on this debt.

If passed, their bill will:

  • cut 7,500 rail inspection days,

  • shut down at least 375 air traffic control towers,

  • cut $5.2 billion from highway infrastructure projects,

  • remove 200,000 children from childcare,

  • cut 1.7 million people from food security programs, and

  • remove rental assistance for 600,000 families.

Message from Indivisible’s Ezra Levin

We have been meeting all week with our allies in the Senate, House, and the White House. They have a clear message. They need help from the grassroots. They need local pressure on Republicans to fracture their coalition; they want local support for Dems who are under attack by a massive rightwing propaganda operation.

Be part of this resistance now! Pay attention to Oregon’s MAGA representatives and counter their right wing propaganda campaign before it takes root.

Oregon’s MAGA Representatives

The Bentz and DeRemer Accountability Team (BAT/DRAT team) is holding Oregon’s two MAGA Representatives, Cliff Bentz and Lori Chavez DeRemer, accountable. Especially, DeRemer tries to promote herself as a moderate Republican even though she votes in line with Marjorie Taylor Greene nearly 88% of the time.

You can expose DeRemer’s subterfuge by posting on social media and letting your fellow Oregonians know what she’s up to. Consider using the BAT/DRAT Team’s message available each Monday to learn about current talking points. This week the message concerns the MAGA default crisis.

On Twitter, use the hashtags #TellTheThruthLori and #Unrepresentative. On Facebook, go to Tell The Truth Lori. You can also sign up to receive the week’s message in your inbox.

Portland Charter Commission Update

The Independent District Commission wants to hear from Portlanders. The commission is currently reviewing concepts submitted by community members for the city’s future district electoral map and encourages all Portlanders to submit their ideas.

Learn how to submit your map and how to participate in the district selection process by attending a training this May. And to find out about upcoming meetings for giving public input, go here.

Donate Now and Double Your Impact!

Help A4D host more informative events and bring inspiring speakers to our gatherings by donating here. Indivisible National will match any donation you make to A4D through the end of the month. Thank you!

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