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Monthly Meeting Next Week on Climate Legislation

Learn About Climate Legislation

A4D Monthly Meeting Next Week

Julia DeGraw and Nora Apter will be joining A4D Tuesday, May 25 at 5:00pm for our monthly meeting. They will speak to us about critical climate legislation in Oregon. As the Coalition Director of Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Julia has insider information on environmental bills working their way through the state legislature. She will update us on bills A4D’s Climate, Energy, and Environment Action Team supports along with other bills impacting Oregon's future, including natural resources budget bills that are critical for executing the Governor's Oregon Climate Action Plan (OCAP). Nora is the Climate Program Director at the Oregon Environmental Council and a key strategic leader of the Oregon Climate Action Plan Coalition, which advocates for agency action to reduce emissions and protect Oregonians from the impacts of climate change. To prepare for their presentations, you may want to review the following documents:

  • A4D’s Climate, Energy, Environment Action Team recommendations

  • Priority bills according to the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity Campaign

  • Governor's Executive Order 20-04

  • Renew Oregon’s Climate Action Plan Progress Report

Be sure to register prior to the meeting to receive details for joining Zoom. If you have a question for our speakers on climate legislation or the Governor's action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, please submit it to or during the meeting via chat.

Join Indivisible Oregon’s Virtual Tuesday with Senator Merkley’s Staff

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 18th Indivisible Oregon will be meeting with Senator Merkley’s staff at 11:30am. To join the group to discuss stories of government delivering for the people and the push to end the Jim Crow filibuster, sign up here.

Engage with State Treasurer Tobias Read

State Treasurer Tobias Read will be Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network’s (COIN) speaker at their meeting tomorrow evening, May 18, at 7:00pm. You are welcomed to attend and hear Treasurer Read’s plans for his work at the Treasury, including his views on Oregon’s economic recovery post-Covid. Treasurer Read will be taking questions on Oregon’s economy, infrastructure, and savings program as well as other issues and concerns. Send your questions for the Treasurer to Use this Zoom link to join the meeting.

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