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Monday fundraiser + Prepare Now!

REMINDER: Virtual Meet & Support for Debbie Boothe Schmidt and Representative Anna Williams

Join us virtually this Monday, October 5, from 5:30- 6:30pm in support of Oregon House candidates Debbie Boothe Schmidt, HD 32, and Representative Anna Williams, HD 52. They need us! RSVP or Donate to Debbie Boothe Schmidt and to Representative Anna Williams.

A Sane View of an Insane Event Heather Cox Richardson on the Presidential Debate

In case you missed it, read historian Heather Cox Richardson’s post-debate commentary on the first of three presidential debates.   And for those who prefer their critiques leavened by humor, watch Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert.

Preparing for the Worst Taking Trump’s Threats Seriously

Trump's threat to disrupt the election and thwart the results is not idle talk. In response, we can do something to prepare ourselves for what may turn into a nationwide upheaval. For an in-depth discussion of what Trump and his Republican allies have in mind for subverting the election and making sure Trump stays in office, read the this article from The Atlantic. Then, take heart and make a plan to respond, starting now. Check out Choose Democracy’s “10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup” and George Lakey’s strategies. You can sign up for their newsletters and participate in a Choose Democracy training session as did Lynn Youngbar and Phyllis Brown, who will keep us informed on actions we need to be prepared to take. Though the October 1st and 6th Choose Democracy training sessions are full, others will be offered. We cannot fail to act when so much is at stake! 

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