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Meeting Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5:00

A4D March Meeting Tomorrow Be Sure to Register

A4D’s monthly Zoom meeting takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, March 22, at 5:00pm. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so here. State Representative Lisa Reynolds will be our guest and will give us a recap of the 2022 legislative session.

Lisa, a pediatrician, represents House district 36, which covers Portland’s west side. She brings two decades of experience serving Oregon children and their families and uses her expertise to expand access to behavioral health services, reduce gun violence, and make Oregon an ideal place in which children can grow. She currently serves as vice-chair of the House early childhood and behavioral health committees and is a member of the House COVID-19 Special Committee and Joint Ways and Means subcommittee on natural resources. In preparation for Lisa’s presentation, read her end-of-session newsletter, which provides a good overview of the bills passed in the session, and check out the meeting agenda here.

You’re Invited to a Party Meet Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Meet Jamie and hear her thoughts on Oregon’s 5th Congressional district and the country at a party at Alice Meyer’s home in Portland this Friday, March 25, at 5:00pm. Even if you don’t vote in the 5th Congressional district, this race is important and your involvement is needed. Jamie is running against corporately financed, eight-term politician Kurt Schrader in the May 17th primary.

Shrader recently demonstrated his disconnect from the 5th district by voting against both Medicare negotiating prescription drug prices and an increase in the minimum wage; plus he called the Trump impeachment vote “a lynching.” Jamie, on the other hand, who has a background as an international aid worker, attorney, engineer, and small business owner, bridges political and urban-rural divides. Alice Meyer’s home is located at 1325 SW Myrtle Drive (503.295.6474). To RSVP choose the option below that best fits your plans: 1) Yes, I/we plan to attend and here’s an initial contribution to Jamie’s campaign to get her message out now. 2) Yes, I/we plan to attend and will bring our credit card and/or checkbook. Please email Sam of the campaign staff ( to let him know you’ll be there and will give at the party. 3) No, I/we are unable to attend, but here’s a contribution to Jamie’s campaign. You can also send a check to the campaign: Jamie for Oregon, PO Box 42307, Portland, Oregon 97242 and write on the memo line "Meyer House Party."

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