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March 16, 2020 Newsletter

Dear OSTPDX Members,

With the World Health Organization officially classifying the coronavirus a pandemic, we’ve seen rapid escalation of social distancing measures taken to protect the public here in Oregon and across the nation which has left many of us at home with extra time on our hands. To stay engaged, there are several action items listed below that can be done from home!


Dearest Friends and Members,

Your organizing committee for the Secretary of State Forum and Political Action Fair has decided to cancel our event, currently scheduled for April 5th from 2 - 4 PM at the Dishman Community Center. In order to ensure everyone's utmost safety and health during this trying time of coping with the coronavirus, we think this is the best solution. We want to do our part to stem the tide of this virus and keep activists healthy for the big work ahead.

Because we think this is a very important race and we want to help our progressive activists be prepared to vote in May, we are sending you the UTube link to the Portland City Club's Debate on March 11, 2020 between the three remaining Democratic candidates. It gives you the opportunity to view the candidates side by side.

We also regret not getting to have all our organizations table at the Political Action Fair portion of this event. We still need to activate folks for the 2020 General Election and recruit as many people as possible to help---we'll just have to be creative in finding ways to connect with voters.

Thank you so much to everyone who spent time working on this event.

In solidarity with progressives everywhere,

Phyllis, Hilary, Lynn, Tiana, Judy and Jeff

Actions & Events

Seeking public comments on the Portland Clean Energy Fund Draft Guiding Principles

Here is the link to the PCEF web page with the wording of the Draft Guiding Principles and the link to the comment submission:

Please respond as individuals and share this widely.

ORD2 Indivisible needs your help!

Want to help flip a county blue without leaving the state? Ashland- and Medford-area activists need your help to reach non-affiliated voters to get out the vote. Click here to read how you can help flip Jackson County blue!

Help Recall Chuck Thomsen-A Ringleader for the Walkout

Chuck Thomsen was a ringleader for the walkout, as it turns out, and is vulnerable, as he only won in 2018 by 209 votes. He’s the “example,” but we want ALL the walkers to get this strong message of consequences for walking out. Indivisible Columbia Gorge is asking for help in their effort to recall Thomsen. Here is their ask if you’d like to help out:

It will be a huge lift to gather the needed 10,000+ signatures, and we want to get a bunch of LTEs in local papers to increase awareness and to support the recall effort. We’d be MOST grateful for any help from our Portland compatriots, with either the signature gathering or writing LTEs, or both! Volunteer to help with signature gathering:

Action by Indivisible Oregon

Our Tuesday ask: We have lost our chance to contain this pandemic because Trump and his administration put their own personal and political needs ahead of our health and are now facing an unmitigated medical disaster. How far will they go to protect themselves politically? Congress sets the date of the election but who knows what lengths Trump will go to protect himself - we must have national vote by mail. The action will be posted on Tuesday at 6:00 AM here:

The next OST-PDX Activist Reading Group meeting is canceled.


Check out DemCast! It’s grassroots media by the people, for the people. Read why DemCast is so desperately needed. If you’re on Facebook, Demcast Oregon is now up and running.

Visit our website – – like our Facebook page -- follow our Twitter account -- @onepdx.

OSTPDX will not be endorsing any candidates before primaries. All content included in our newsletters is informational in nature and should not be considered an endorsement.


Sara McKinney

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