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Flip Florida Blue!

OSTPDX wishes to express our shared grief in the inestimable loss of homes and natural areas in the Santiam pass, the McKenzie River areas, and throughout our great state. As this tragedy unfolds, we send our support and commiseration to all those whose lives have been cataclysmically uprooted by these devastating fires.

HELP FLIP FLORIDA BLUE Become a Phone Bank Partier!

OSTPDX is partnering with Swing Left Boston to recruit 1,000 phone bank partiers. Will you join us?

We are now in the final push to Flip Florida Blue and evict the current occupant of the White House. And while we’re at it, let’s flip the Florida State House, too! After writing tens of thousands of cards and letters, now is the time to speak directly with Floridians.

These phone banks are well organized and supported, and you will find many familiar Portland faces when you join one.

Please reach out to Phyllis Brown at if you have questions.

Below are links to phone bank parties held each week. Choose one that suits your schedule. We hope to see you there.

Sign up for Phone Bank Parties

Spanish Phone Parties. To find Spanish language phone banks, gohereand apply filters. You should be fairly fluent in both English and Spanish to join these phone banks.



OSTPDX’s Lynn Youngbar and Paulette Wittwer along with Swing Left/Southern Florida are hosting a virtual fundraiser for two Florida house candidates: Ricky Junquera and Francesca Cesti-Brown.

Currently, the Florida legislature is dominated by wealthy white men. These two candidates offer a progressive alternative for their districts. Many OSTPDX volunteers have been writing postcards and phone-banking in southern Florida. Now is your chance to meet the locals!

We chose to support these two candidates as part of our Flip Florida Blue efforts because they will change the composition of the Florida legislature, and they are winnable. Their House districts in Miami-Dade County are purple, where races are often split 50-50. Both candidates have Republican opponents with sizeable leads in fundraising. The county is 79% Latinx.

Ricky Junquera, HD 118, is a Cuban American who works as a Regional Press Secretary for the Sierra Club. He received a BA in political science from Boston University and a MA in communications from Lesley University. Raised by a single mother and grandmother, he has an impressive record of activism on social issues and the environment. He also served as Communications Director for Congressman Henry Cuellar of San Antonio. 

Francesca Cesti-Brown, HD115, immigrated from Peru at the age of eight. First in her family to graduate from college, she has a Master’s in public administration and works in community-based organizations on education, healthcare, and other social services. She has deep roots in her community on issues of the environment, public schools, and stricter gun laws and cares deeply about defending democracy.

These seats are pivotal in flipping 14 house seats in Florida. Eric Holder, Chair of the Democratic Redistricting Committee, endorsed these two candidates, saying “This November will be the most important election of our lives, not  just at the presidential level, but also with regard to state legislative races that will shape the next decade of America’s politics.”

Please join us on September 23! Sign up now.


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