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County Commissioners & A4D Meet Tomorrow

Multnomah County Commissioners & A4D Meet Tomorrow Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23, Multnomah County Commissioners Sharon Meieran and Susheela Jaypal will join A4D for a conversation about homelessness and other critical issues facing our region today. The meeting will get underway at 5:00pm.

Commissioner Meieran represents Portland’s Southwest District 1 in addition to practicing emergency medicine. Using her experience on the front line caring for those in crisis to inform her policy and advocacy work, she focuses on issues such as behavioral health, housing and homelessness, community safety, and the intersections of those systems. Dr. Meieran graduated from UC Berkeley with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Economics, attended law school at Hastings College of the Law, and subsequently attended UCSF medical school in San Francisco.

Commissioner Jaypal has served District 2, Northeast Portland, since January, 2019. She was born in India and came to the US at age 16 to attend college. An Oregonian since 1994, she is a lawyer and mother of two Grant High School graduates. Her committee responsibilities have included the Multnomah County Sex Trafficking Collaborative, the Gateway Center for Domestic Violence Advisory Council, Metro Supportive Housing Services Measure Oversight Committee, and the Joint Task Force on Supporting Business in Reducing Diesel Emissions. If you haven’t registered yet, please follow this link and do so now. You can review the meeting’s full agenda here. See you tomorrow!

COIN December Meeting An Overview of Candidate Recruitment The December 7 meeting of COIN, which begins at 7:00pm, will feature a presentation by COIN members, the Tillamook Democracy Project, and Protect Oregon's Progress on how they successfully recruited and supported local candidates in 2020. Some of the candidates will be there to answer questions. The meeting is open to all A4D members and to anyone interested in running for office. To register, use this link. Tracking Activism via COIN Squads Thanks to Indivisible activists completing a weekly form, COIN is able to assess the extent of collective activism throughout the state. And thanks to the graphic skill of Greg Gray who turned the numbers into attractive graphs, we can all easily see how effective collective activism is! The graph of Act4D’s COIN Squad, Connect for Democracy, can be seen here. As a reminder, there are three ways to amplify your activism via a COIN Squad:

  1. record any activist work you do between Monday and Friday here;

  2. pull together a few friends, name yourselves, and complete the form, including a name for your squad, or

  3. choose a captain for your squad and have the captain enter all of the group’s activities on the form.

Recording our activity inspires others, demonstrates what we accomplish together, and enables Indivisible to leverage its impact and take it to new levels. Double Your Donation Support Afghan Refugees in Portland When you make a tax-deductible donation to Lutheran Community Services Northwest (LCSNW), your donation will be matched by A4D up to $300. Go to the LCSNW website and make a note that your donation supports Afghan resettlement in Portland. Also, be sure to mention in the comment section that you’re an A4D member.

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