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COIN Speaks with Legislators Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network (COIN), of which A4D is a member, held its first of a series of “COINversations” with Senator Wyden this past Friday. If you missed it and want to watch what transpired, visit this Facebook page or Instagram. For Wyden’s compliments about the event, check out his Tweet. Mark your calendar: the next COINversation will take place with Senator Merkley on July 14. Calls to Action COIN has initiated Activism Calls to Action. Keep abreast of what needs your attention by visiting this webpage regularly. Legislative Action Team Update These three bills supported by A4D have passed the Legislature, which brings the total of supported bills to ten: HB-2323, which penalizes the provision of false information about elections; HB-2481, which prohibits law enforcement from acquiring certain military equipment; and HB-2929, which establishes procedures and a process for reporting misconduct that a law enforcement officer witnesses committed by another officer. However, the following important bills have stalled and need a pushfrom us: Climate/Energy/Environment Stuck in the Ways and Means Committee are HB-2842, Healthy Homes; HB-2021, the Clean Energy bill to reduce emissions; HB-2488, Equity in Land Use Rules; and SB-582A, Recycling Modernization. SJM-5, which supports the Federal Carbon Fee and Dividend Act, is stuck in the Rules Committee. Campaign Finance Reform HB-2680, Small Donor Matching Program, is scheduled for a work session Monday, June 7, at 1:00pm. Contact your legislators and members of the Rules Committee to let them know you want this bill to move! While you’re at it, remind them that voters want contribution limits. Also, contact your representatives and members of the House Rules Committee to ask that HB-3343, which provides limits, tracking, and transparency, is brought to a vote. Election Reform HB-3291 contains provisions of many election reform bills supported by A4D and is scheduled for a work session in the Rules Committee on Tuesday, June 8, at 1:00pm. Let your legislators know that we expect these popular reforms to be passed. To check on the current status of bills A4D is tracking, go here. Ongoing COIN Social Media Drop-In Session COIN social media drop-in sessions with host Ariel Knox continue every Sunday at 2:00pm. Upcoming sessions will take place June 13, 20, and 27. Use this Zoom link to attend.

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