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Canvas from Your Couch and Flip Florida Blue

An Appeal from Phyllis Brown

There are 68 days left until the general elections. We need to pull out all the stops! That is why I’m begging you to join me to canvass from your couch and start phone banking.

Everyone has reasons to not like phone banking:I’m scared someone will yell at me. I won’t know what to say to an off-the-wall question. I feel guilty because I hang up on telemarketers. I’m  anxious because I’ve never done it before. Well, guess what? You will feel even more guilty, anxious, and scared if Trump is reelected!

Phone banking is twice as effective at getting out the vote than writing letters. Do you remember the 2000 election whenBush beat Gore by 537 votes? OSTPDX has adopted Florida, and our goal is to not let that happen again!

Please join me at the world’s easiest phone bank, hosted by Swing Left Greater Boston, to get left-leaning voters registered to vote by mail. This strategy works! There was a significant surge in turnout of Democratic voters who had registered to vote by mail in the recent Florida primary.

Here’s what you can do:

Learn/refresh your phone banking skills by watching the videos linked below from a workshop offered by Swing Left San Francisco,Phone Banking for Introverts.(By the way, when it comes to phone banking, everyone is an introvert!).

Or sign up for a workshop to be held on Sunday, September 13, at 10:00 AM or 12:00 Noon.

I will be on the Monday phone bank, Patty Mitzutani on Wednesday, and Melanie Plaut on Friday from now until November 2.

Phone bank hosts will provide training and a script. No experience is necessary. Please note all times are Eastern Daylight Time.

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