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Ask Merkley + Note the Dates

Ask & Chat with Senator Merkley This Wednesday! More Party Details Celebrate with Us! We’re partying in person and you’re invited! Meet your activist friends in Paulette Wittwer’s garden at 2316 NE Tillamook on Tuesday, July 27 from 5:00-7:00pm. Parking will be available a short block and a half from Paulette’s home in the lot adjacent to Bridgetown Church at 2120 NE Tillamook Street. There won’t be signs for the church so be sure to look for the address and park in the Tillamook Street lot (not on 20th Avenue). We’re inviting special guests and providing food and beverage for a festive and inspiring summer gathering. Do stop by and help us celebrate the first six months of Act for Democracy! Medicare for All Rally Bring the Family Learn about universal, comprehensive, publicly funded healthcare—free at the point of service—at a rally to be held in Shemanski Park at the intersection of SW Salmon and Park Avenue in downtown Portland beginning at 12:00 noonon Saturday, July 24. Find out why every person should have access to care when they need it regardless of employment and financial status. Bring along the family. There’ll be music, speakers, and informational tables. Masks are required. For further details, visit Medicare for All PDX. No premiums, no co-pays, no deductibles. It can be done!

Last Week’s Deadline for Democracy Rally Pics

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