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Afghans to Portland + Other News

Preparing to Receive Afghan Evacuees in Portland October A4D Meeting

In the aftermath of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans found themselves in serious danger of harm and retribution from the newly installed government. Currently, as many as 54,000 Afghans are in the pipeline waiting to be resettled in the US. Lutheran Community Services Northwest (LCSNW) in Portland is slated to receive between 150 and 200 of them in the coming weeks and months. Communities across Oregon must mobilize quickly to gather resources to support these individuals and families. Afghan evacuees arrive with complex sets of interconnected needs, including shelter, clothing, food, employment, job training, and language skills. Our speakers on Tuesday, October 26, will be two staff members of LCSNW, who will explain the situation and let us know he we can aid the local resettlement effort.

Salah Ansary fled Afghanistan himself in 1978. He is the Senior District Director of Multicultural Community Services at LCSNW. For the past 36 years, he has helped develop transformative programs and services for refugees to rebuild their lives throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Jennica Stephenson is the Development Manager of the Multicultural Community Services program at LCSNW. She previously served as Director of Development at Kakenya’s Dream, a nonprofit promoting girls’ education and empowerment in rural Kenya.

Double Your Impact Donate to A4D in October

Until October 31, your donation to A4D will be matched when you give through ActBlue, up to a total of $500 worth of donations. If you’ve been planning to make a monetary contribution to A4D, now is the time to do it. As always, your generosity and support are greatly appreciated. Remember: every donation counts; no amount is too small. Thank you!

COINversation Next Week

In Portland WE CARE

In Portland WE CARE activities have been temporarily suspended pending further conversations with the Oregon Nurse’s Association on Wednesday. We want to ensure smooth operations at all Providence hospitals in the Portland area. Nurses continue to express their appreciation and support for what we do and are excited to be working with us.

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