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A Tribute to Jacque Abel

A Tribute to Jacque Abel: Friend & Fellow Activist by Lynn Youngbar

To those of you who have had the pleasure of knowing Jacque Abel, you're not likely to forget her. Unfortunately, she is now in her final days/weeks with an aggressive cancer that will take her way too soon. I would like to take a moment of your time while she is still with us to remember her incredible contributions to the growth and development of One Small Thing PDX, which has now evolved into Act for Democracy. Jacque and I had been friends for many years when Trump was elected. We were both trying to figure out how to engage politically so as not to wither into a lump of despair. We stumbled onto OSTPDX, went to a meeting, realized we might use our facilitation and organizational skills there, and dove in. It turned into three and a half years of hard work, deep satisfaction, camaraderie, new friends, and plenty of fun! Most of the time, Jacque was on the One Small Thing leadership team—she is a master at organizing things large and small. Her ability to sequence a great idea into logical next steps and tasks so something could actually happen was unparalleled. She brought so many OSTPDX events and meetings to fruition with her capable effort, insights, and inimitable dark humor. And she could take the stage, too, and shine as an MC and facilitator. Whether she was at the front of the crowd or behind it, she was always the one who kept everything on track. And she could work the crowd, getting to know new people and often reel them into volunteering, all the while being a steadfast letter writer, hostess, and an inspiring cook to a multitude of friends and colleagues. Thank you Jacque for your caring and incredible contribution! You are remembered with much fondness and love by all of us at OSTPDX and Act for Democracy. If you would like to send a card with your special memory of Jacque that I can share with her, please send it to: Lynn Youngbar, 4584 NE 47th Ave, Portland, 97218.

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