• A4D endorses Ballot Measure 26-228, the proposed new Portland City Charter on the ballot for November.  See details in our 9/19 newsletter by going to Newsletter above.
  • Indivisible Tuesdays resume in-person 9/6, meeting with our congressional staff.  Go to Get Involved above
  • Attend the COINvention 10/1-2 and hear Indivisible co-founder Leah Greenberg speak.  Click on Get Involved above
  • Also, get involved in writing letters or postcards  urging     Democrats to vote in key Senate and House races.  Click on Outreach above
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2022-08-25-Keep it Blue-2.jpg
2022-08-25-Keep it Blue-1.jpg
Keep It Blue in ‘22, An Event for 
Getting Involved & Inspired
, 8/26/22
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2022-04-09-jamie canvassing 2.jpg
Heading 6
2022-08-28-gary cartoon-1.jpg
2022-08-28-gary cartoon-3.jpg
Cartoons by A4D-er Gary Tharler
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