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RSVP Now! Annual Outdoor Celebration Join us at a member’s beautiful home in northeast Portland on Tuesday, August 22, from 5:30-7:30pm. We’ll enjoy good company, delicious food, and cooling beverages. Let’s celebrate A4D, take stock of what we’ve achieved, inspire one another, and meet elected officials! For more detail and to RSVP, click here.

Portland Street Response Shuts Down According to one Willamette Week article, the Portland Street Response (PSR) “competes with other more traditional programs within the fire bureau budget, while its staff are not an easy fit in the bureau’s culture.” According to a more recent article, Commissioner Rene Gonzalez waited until the last minute before suggesting that the Joint Office of Homeless Services should divert some of the surplus in its vastly underspent budget to support PSR. Please call (503.823.4151) or email ( Commissioner Gonzalez and let him know that he has let down all Portlanders by failing to protect such a vital service. We will fight to bring PSR back. Help Gather Signatures Campaign Finance Reform Voters in Oregon overwhelmingly approved Campaign Finance Reform ballot measures in past years, but to date the legislature has failed to implement any of those measures. We are not giving up! Honest Elections has two new initiative petitions they hope to place on the November ballot. Petition 9 limits big money going to politicians; currently, Oregon has no limits on spending or giving. Petition 8 will protect petition 9, if it passes, by preventing legislators from repealing campaign finance reform laws passed by voters. Read more here and here. To help with gathering signatures, follow this link. Are We Ready for AI? The answer is a hard nope. “If dozens of senators hauled in the CEO of Ford, then asked him how their car goes so fast even though it doesn’t have 12 little horseys inside, they would still understand the automaking business better than they understood Facebook’s today,” wrote The Atlantic tech writer Robinson Meyer. Even though we are on the cusp of a technological sea change that will impact work and life in profound ways, our legislators are not yet having an adequately informed civil discourse with the innovators of Artificial Intelligence that could help us make wise policy decisions on its regulation. Read more here and then call your representative! Help Virginia Win What happens in Virginia’s elections is often viewed as a sign of things to come. Every seat in the Virginia state legislature is up for election this year under newly drawn maps. Indivisible Oregon and Swing Left are writing letters to encourage Democratic-leaning voters in the most competitive districts. You can join with fellow writers at Migration Brewery on Glisan Street, or simply pick up a pack to write at home. More details here. Indivisible Tuesday Join Indivisible Oregon at the office of Senator Merkley’s office on Tuesday, August 15 at11:30am. Indivisible Tuesdays are a great way to join fellow constituents, make your voice heard, and be sure our members of Congress know what's important to us. RSVP here. Some Good News

  • On August 1, 2023, Donald Trump was indicted for his attempt to change election results, disenfranchise voters, and remain in power by illegal and violent means. The rule of law applies to all Americans!

  • Bangladesh has recorded the highest number of olive ridley turtle eggs laid on the country’s beaches this nesting season, thanks to extensive conservation actions.

  • The risk of dying from breast cancer has fallen dramatically since the 1990s, according to a new study which found that most women diagnosed early with breast cancer now go on to survive the disease long-term.

  • Adam Schiff raised over $8.1 million in the year’s second quarter—a record-breaking haul—much of it due to the Republicans’ efforts to censure him. All but two percent of his contributions came from grassroots supporters giving $200 or less the campaign said. The average contribution was $34. Schiff is not accepting corporate PAC money.

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