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Calling Georgia + Bridging the Divide

It’s Not Over Yet Call Georgia Voters!

Join Indivisible Oregon and Swing Left volunteers calling voters in Georgia this Monday, December 14, from noon to 2:00pm and Mondays thereafter. Control of the Senate hinges on the outcome of the two runoff elections on January 5th. Let’s finish the job of flipping the Senate by helping to elect two more Democratic senators, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. No worries if you haven’t joined a phone bank yet. You’ll receive a script and guidance. All you’ll need is a phone and a computer or tablet to make calls. RSVP here. Swing Left of Greater Boston is also organizing phone banks to Georgia that are recommended by OST members. There are opportunities for making calls throughout the week and at various times during the day. Find a day and time that works for you here.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner on Bridging the Divide

During a recent call organized by COIN (Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network), Jamie McLeod-Skinner gave an inspired presentation on how we Oregonians can work to bridge the divide between Republicans and Democrats in our state. After losing her primary bid for Secretary of State last spring, she began working with rural candidates for the state House and Senate and in the process started mapping out what we can do to find common ground. Jamie shared her insights into how we can reach out to others who don’t share our views. With bracing conviction and practical tips, she made it clear that the work begins with each of us individually—identifying our biases, emotional triggers, and stereotypes. Facing them honestly is the first step. Then, we need to learn to communicate in a way that involves both listening and mindfully avoiding the trigger words of others. The goal is to find a single point on which everyone can agree. Jamie is developing a tool box that she will share with groups, candidates, and campaign workers in the coming months. In the meantime, she recommends being prepared for a long haul. This isn’t a project that will be completed quickly or within a single election cycle.

Donating to GOTV in Georgia

In addition to the impressive work Stacy Abrams, Fair Fight, and the New Georgia Project have been doing, another group that is channeling funds to Georgia has caught our attention: Fight for a Better America. You can learn more about them and make a donation in support of the get-out-the-vote effort for the Senate run-off election by visiting their website. One hundred percent of funds earmarked for the Georgia campaign goes to local grassroots organizations.

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