One Small Thing PDX Climate Action

(OST CEE Team, 15 February 2020)

Oregon’s cap-and-invest climate bill, SB 1530, was passed February by the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources passed with the -35 amendments. This is the first step in the process.  The bill will now go to the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Natural Resources for fiscal review.  We then expect it to go to the full Joint Ways and Means Committee.  If passed from Ways and Means it will go to the full Senate and to the House. See this February 13 report from Dirk VanderHart, OPB, for recent news on the bill. (For additional background information, please see One Small Thing PDX Climate Legislation Background.)


Please take action to ensure that the legislature passes SB 1530 in this session. 



∙         Contact members of the Ways and Means Committee (list of members with email links, here).


Suggested message:  

Climate is a crisis and there can be no more delays.  SB 1530 A as passed out of the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources on February 13th is ready for a vote.  Please vote YES to cap carbon emissions and invest in Oregon’s future.

Feel free to add a personal statement on why climate action and cap and invest is important to you.  

We have a brief summary of the bill as amended (SB 1530 A).  Here’s the fiscal impact statement (02/14/2020).

∙         Send a Thank you to members of the Senate Committee.  Senators Dembrow, Roblan and Prozanski voted ‘Yes’.  Senators Olsen and Findley offered many suggestions although they ultimately voted ‘No’.


∙         Plan to attend Ways and Means Committee meetings to show our support.  Check links for Agendas 

Subcommittee on Natural Resources).  SB1530 A on their agenda for 4:45 on MONDAY 2/17 H-174, regularly scheduled meetings are Monday and Wednesdays 3 – 5 PM Capitol  H-174

Joint Ways and Means. SB 1530A is on their agenda for TUESDAY February 18th at 11 AM Hearing Room F, regularly scheduled meetings are Fridays, 9 AM Hearing Room F